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Kayakalp Yoga & Naturopathy Centre, Gurugram

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. With this motto in mind, Kayakalp Yoga and Nature Care Center and Training Institute, Sohna Gurugram have been delivering the best services to its patrons for the last 42 years. KayaKalp Sohna spreads over an area of 3 acres and is located at 2.2km from Sohna and National Highway NH-24.

With vast experience in the field of Naturopathy and holistic healing, our doctors and staff are dedicated to providing one of the best experiences of well-being to our patients. With more and more people having an inclination towards holistic ways of well-being and Naturopathic Treatments, there is a need for institutes that could provide the best naturopathy treatments for obtaining the best level of well-being of the patients.

Naturopathy Treatment or Nature Cure is a type of elective medication that works in assisting the body to heal itself, utilizing the power of Nature. Its basic conviction is utilizing the five elements of nature that are the Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space.

In Naturopathy Treatment, regular practice of Yoga and the adoption of naturopathic remedies can also help people with severe anxiety to reduce their dependence on drugs for various ailments, mostly stress-related ones.

Naturopathy is important for today’s life because it cures patients suffering from chronic ailments in comparatively less time than any other form of medicine. Naturopathy treats all the aspects like physical, mental, social, and spiritual at the same time.

Kayakalp was founded in early 1975 by Dr. Brijendra Arya with two members in Sohna. He first started on his own before enlisting Mrs. Shanti Arya as a partner. Numerous clients have benefited from his extensive knowledge and experience in Naturopathy and Yoga.

In addition to that, we are also known country-wide for our infertility clinic. We offer the best infertility-related services to our patrons with evidence-based treatments and complete transparency.

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    Treatments by Naturopathy Centre, Sohna Gurugram


    Stress is one of the most common mental disorders that one can have. This problem is not addressed seriously more often which results in more serious mental                  disorders.


    Asthma is the breathing health condition which is caused by the inflammation of the respiratory tract. In this condition, the digestive tract is inflamed so much that it causes difficulty in breathing which may even cause death from choking.


    In Yoga and Naturopathy, it is considered that any health problem starts with the stomach. If you don’t have a healthy metabolism or digestion, then it may start .


    Skin problems normally occur due to toxins accumulated in the body. Various skin problem like glucoderma, acne, fishers etc. can be easily treated with the natural therapies.


    Gas is another name for bloating. When undigested food is left over in the intestines due to bad digestion, it creates gases inside the intestine. These gases can cause bloating.


    Depression is one such mental disorder that is not addressed in the society as it should be. Depression can be caused due to many factors such a medical health problems.

    What our clients say


    Kayakalp has been a boon to my life. The way they approach any disorder or illness is amazing.


    At Kayakalp, I have got one of the best experience of my life.


    I had a spine problem and had taken so many treatment without any prominent results.

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