In Indian philosophy and Yogic culture, the mud is considered to be a healer of many ailments. There have been many precedents in Ayurveda where mud has been used for treating many skins and other body conditions. Mud bath is one of the best ways to get benefits from Mud in an optimum manner.

Mud Therapy is used for giving coolness to the body by diluting and absorbing the toxins from the body. It is used successfully for various diseases such as high blood pressure, hypertension, constipation, and other skin rashes. As a part of nature, mud has many important minerals that have a positive impact on our health. Mud is capable of absorbing toxins from the body and assists in the prevention of many diseases.
A mud pack is useful in cold compresses since it retains heat. Lastly, it is easily available and a cost-effective treatment option. It also relaxes the whole body with its moisture.
Clay, peat, and hot mineral waters in the mud bath relax muscles, cleanse impurities, and leave skin soft and renewed. The treatment detoxifies, soothes aching muscles, reduces stress, and promotes relaxation.

For a Mud bath, the patient has to take a dip in a pool filled with medicated purified mud paste. This therapy helps in treating skin conditions like eczema, acne, Psoriasis, opens clogged pores of the skin, helps in keeping the body cool hence improving digestion. It is also good for brain health.

Benefits of Mud Baths
In nature, mud is one of the five elements that have a great impact on our health. It contains important minerals that have a positive effect on our bodies. Since mud can absorb toxins from the body, it is effective in preventing many diseases.
Besides relaxing muscles and improving blood circulation, it also improves metabolism, which in turn has a positive effect on digestion. It is good for your skin & hair and relieves pain & inflammation.

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