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Today, in this busy life, we are pacing towards success and money at such a speed that we forget to take care of our bodies and this leads to the emergence of many different health issues and disorders that can make life difficult, and can even be deadly.
The allopathic treatments for these issues and conditions only give temporary relief and do not eradicate the root cause of the disease. In addition to that, allopathic treatments also have many side effects. This is why the world is turning towards natural therapies and herbal concoctions to treat their ailments as natural therapy not only treats the symptoms but also attacks the root cause of the problems. Also, there are almost no side effects of natural therapies.

Basically, Naturopathic treatment is based on the concept that nature has a solution for our all health problems. The human body has the ability to do the most complicated functions and to cope with various adverse situations.

The treatment & therapy corresponds to 5 elements of Nature,
Earth-Treatments through Mud, Reflexology (walking & trekking)
Water- Widely used as hydrotherapy/water both internal and external Therapies
Air- Acupuncture and other Breathing Techniques
Fire: Heat Modalities
Ether: Fasting/Dieting/Cupping.

At Kayakalp Yoga and Naturopathy and Training Institute, we offer a bunch of therapies and yogic exercises that help in the administration of a huge number of treatments without any side effects. Various daily routine disturbances become diseases such as Arthritis, Thyroid, Liver Problem, Kidney Problems, Diabetes, Depression, Cervical Pain, Sciatica, Back Pain, Sinusitis, Skin Problem, Insomnia, High Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Asthama, Ulcerative Colitis, Ulcer, Acidity, Gas, Obesity, Stress, Constipation and many more can be cured by yoga and naturopathy treatments.

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