In Tratak Kriya, we fix attention on a symbol or candle, such as the Om symbol, a black dot, the image of some deity or guru, a flame, a mirror, or any point, and stare at it. A candle should be away for any person minimum of three to four feet (more than 1 meter), the flame level with the eyes. Relax but keep the spine erect and remain wakeful and vigilant. The eyes begin to water. Recommend from many other persons that the eyes should then be closed and the yogi concentrates on the after image, while others persevere with staring for 30–40 minutes. The eyes of one who got siddhi in trataka will appear like burning charcoal in color.

Health Benefits of Tratak Kriya

Relieves mental stress.
Relieves headache, migraine, etc.
Brings an end to insomnia or sleeping difficulties.
Freedom from negative thoughts.
Concentration increases.
Help to reduce anger.
Sharpens eyesight.
Brain functionality increases.

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