Kunjal Kriya, in Sanskrit, means a Sour Gruel, while kriya means action. It is also known as Vamana Dhauti (regurgitative cleansing) and is one of six different cleansing techniques within the shatkarmas system of Hatha yoga.

Kunjal Kriyais a water based exercise of naturopathy treatments that is done for the cleansing of the digestive tract of the body. In this exercise, you have to drink three to four liters of medicated water. After five minutes, you will have to stand in a bend over position and then allow the water come out of your mouth. This exercise helps in removing all the toxins and acid present in the digestive tract. This kriya helps in improvement of digestion, better mobility of the joints, gastrointestinal problems and better brain function. This exercise must always be done in supervision of trained teachers. We, at Kayakalp Yoga and Nature Cure Institute, we provide complete training and help to our patrons in performing this exercise. We also teach them so that they could perform it at home as well.

Benefits of Kunjal Kriya

Weight management and improving digestion.

It cleans your chest and helps in better breathing.

This kriya improves digestion and helps in case of acidity.

During this procedure, your stomach muscles contract, so it helps in losing belly fat.

Kunjal kriya enhances the endurance of the respiratory muscles and decreases airway resistance.

It is a great relief in cough and excessive mucus and helps us in fighting with cold and cough.

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