Hot Water Immersion for six consecutive days reduces thermal strain and improves exercise performance during heat stress. Hydrotherapy is widely used for treating and rehabilitating patients, but it can also be used to prevent diseases in the healthy population. Physiologically, warm water immersion affects the cardiovascular system and cold water immersion affects the neuromuscular system.
For health, hydrotherapy’s effectiveness in reducing musculoskeletal symptoms and promoting post-traumatic recovery has been confirmed
Hot Water Immersion Therapy for healthy people can be used as a health promotion program in the community. It may be used as a new health service to achieve therapeutic effects beyond the scope of alternative medicine.
Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury’s hot water immersion treatment (sitting in a hot water tub) has helped thousands of people treat various infections and diseases. This therapy can also be helpful in treating diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, PCOD, PCOS pain, and removing all types of toxins in our body.
Naturopathy Treatment describes and gives effective treatment for a variety of kidney-related diseases, such as kidney stones, kidney failure, and infections such as nephritis and early-stage chronic renal failure. Naturopathic Treatment of Kidney Patients at Kayakalp Yoga & Nature Cure, Sohna involves a healthy diet and lifestyle along with yoga and other regular exercises. Herbal medicine, diet therapy, and other naturopathic interventions play a major role in serum creatinine levels among chronic kidney disease patients’ scope of alternative treatment.

Benefits of Hot Water Immersion
Relieves Pain
Heat Immersion
Stress Reduction
Depressive Disorders
Stress-related disorders
Relax and sleep peacefully
Recover your muscles quickly
Cleanse your body of toxins
Lose weight in a healthy manner
Helps you maintain a healthy social life
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

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