Circular Jet Bath is a hydrotherapy in which there are several small, powerful cold water jets are poured on the patients from all directions. This gives an instant cooling and relaxing effect. With the circular baths, there is a circulation reaction with great intensity is caused which simulates the skin tissues. The circular jet bath is given with ozone treated water and laser like water massage which helps in actuation of the muscles. This therapy is used for treatment of many conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, muscle spasms, tightening of skin and tissues. It is also used for stimulation of the lymphatic system and relieve muscle tension. Skin diseases are also disinfected with this therapy. This therapy is also great if you are trying to lose weight.

Circular Jet Bath hydro tub is a unique function principle to get best performance therapy and it has got top-class technology and jets surrounded for giving the best effective treatment for body, the difference is the therapy of circular jet bath can be performed to the whole body with the therapeutic effect of ozone sterilizing of water & which has got more jets for total body laser kind of water massage, the circular jet bath is made of Lucite acrylic high-temperature top shell which is user friendly for the skin and has got top quality health benefits and results for therapy, totally automatic control system technological features controlled tub. At Kayakalp Sohna, we have standard arrangement for circular jet bath.

Reduce fatigue
Relieves Tension
Cardiac Ailments
Relieve from Pains
Disinfects skin disease
Stimulates the lymphatic
Improves Blood Circulation
Softens stiff muscles & relieves joint
Overcome alcoholism and smoking
Stimulates skin and muscular activity
Tightens the skin and connective tissue
Reduces Cellulite, Rheumatism & Arthritis
Has slimming effect for overweight persons

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